After School Program Starts!

Aug 28, 2023

West Cook County Youth Club - 4000 Saint Paul Ave Bellwood, IL 60104

School is back in session, and that means it’s time for engaging, educational, and fun after school activities! At the West Cook County Youth Club, we are proud to present our diverse range of programs tailored to meet the diverse interests of our young members.


  • Duration: Aug 28th to May 17th
  • Time: Monday to Friday, 3:00 pm-6:00 pm
  • Age Group: 8-17 years
  • Cost: $75


  • Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Details: Designed for specific programs and activities
  • Cost: $75 per event

What We Offer:

  • Personalized Homework Help to support academic growth.
  • Engaging STEM activities to foster an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • A dynamic TECH Lab for both structured activities and free time.
  • Activities focused on Sports, Fitness, and Health to promote physical wellness.
  • Opportunities to give back through Volunteer Events.
  • Special Event Saturdays – A day packed with unique and exciting activities.
  • Basketball Skills & Drills and team-building exercises.
  • And most importantly, we are open during school holidays and breaks ensuring your child is engaged even when school is out.

How to Register:

  1. Online: Visit our registration page to download the registration form and pay the fee. You have the option to pay the fee online or in person at The Club. Once done, return the completed application to The Club.
  2. In Person: Drop by the West Cook County Youth Club located at 4000 St. Paul, Bellwood. We’re open Monday to Friday from 3:00-6:00 pm. For queries, you can contact us at (708) 547-6900.

Unlock a world of learning, fun, and community engagement for your child. Register today and ensure they have an enriching experience throughout the school year! 🎒📚🏀🔬