Embark on a Global Adventure: Around the World in 30 Days!

The West Cook County Youth Club (WCCYC) is thrilled to unveil an extraordinary program that will fuel the wanderlust of our club members and nurture their appreciation for our world’s diverse cultures. We invite you to join us on an enlightening expedition, ‘Around the World in 30 Days,’ where young explorers will delve into the thrilling realms of global languages, cuisines, traditions, arts, and lifestyle activities.

This thrilling journey will span all seven continents, offering a vibrant panorama of the world’s cultural riches. This program intends to go beyond simple knowledge acquisition, stimulating curiosity, fostering understanding, and promoting inclusivity through firsthand exploration of global traditions and practices.

As part of WCCYC’s unwavering commitment to providing a diverse array of opportunities for our members, we believe this program will open the doors to a global perspective. Join us in this educational adventure and let’s celebrate our wonderfully diverse world, one day at a time!