WCCYC Embraces Nutrition and Cooking with University of Illinois Extension Project

Helping Young Minds Grow, One Meal at a Time

The West Cook County Youth Club (WCCYC) has consistently championed the cause of growth for its members. This summer, our dedication to promoting healthy lifestyle choices blossomed further with the University of Illinois’ enriching nutrition and cooking program.

Our collaboration this year with the University of Illinois Extension Project was a culinary treat for our members. With expert guidance, participants embarked on a journey of understanding the nuances of cooking and nutrition. They were introduced to age-appropriate cooking skills, including mastering food preparation techniques and recognizing the importance of sanitizing kitchen tools and surfaces.

What made this summer’s program standout was its enhanced depth and breadth. The curriculum has evolved to be more detailed and hands-on. Our members not only learned the basics of cooking but also delved deep into the principles of nutrition.

We’re indebted to the University of Illinois for steering this initiative. Their commitment aligns seamlessly with WCCYC’s goals of fostering informed decisions about health, promoting overall well-being, and instilling a passion for lifelong learning.

As we look to the future, the West Cook County Youth Club is enthusiastic about continuing such collaborations. We are convinced that initiatives like the University of Illinois Extension Project arm our members with essential skills, paving their way towards a healthy, happy, and productive life.

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